Ferret Shelters
Throughout the last several years of being owned by ferrets, I have spent countless hours
browsing the internet, visiting ferret sites. Although there are some families that haven't
adopted yet, most have at least one ferret adoptee in their home. Far too often, we humans
dive into something without having the information needed to make the right decision. And
far too often the result is un-wanted ferrets in shelters. Some of the background stories on
these wonderful creatures have made me sick, some angry. All of the stories of adoption
have made be proud to be a part of the ferret community. Some have even brought tears to
my eyes.
We too have an adopted ferret (Along with an adopted cat, Rascal). We live in an area of the
midwest that has very little public awareness to "Ferret Shelters". One of our little girls,
Angel, came to us from an ad, in the local newspaper, from a local vet clinic (that really had no
idea how to care for her).
During the course of our website activity we have received e-mails from many, many prospective
ferret owners, looking for information. Although we are not a physical shelter, we have assisted in
placing dozens of ferrets, not only into homes, but out of homes, by loving people that just didn't
know where else to go. It's my responsibility as a ferret owner to give exposure to ferret shelters,
and assist in any way we can. Thus this page. If you run a non-profit shelter and would like to have
your link or info added to this page e-mail me. I can not guarantee all requests will be added here.
Larger shelters with the greatest need to adopt out will have preference. Smaller shelters and
personal sites may be added to our Ferret Links page.
For general ferret care information visit our Tips page. For an overall understanding of the joys
and responsibilities of living with ferrets visit our home page, The Dook Ranch.
A large listing of ferret shelters, number of residents, financial status,
and more. This list covers just about every geographical area you could
imagine. (Special thanks to Kat Parsons for providing this page.)
A ferret shelter in the Seattle area doing a wonderful job! They have
rescued over 500 ferrets in 2 years and placed most of them.

Ferrets Underfoot Running Round You. Progressed from just owning
ferrets to a rescue operation. Photo's available, and updated frequently.
Ferrets Unlimited Ferret Shelter
I was attracted to this site by a letter. One which I will never forget.
formed by and for the benefit of Ferret Welfares and Rescues only.

MKARESQ is a "No-Kill" rescue & adoption shelter in Michigan. Nearly 1000 ferrets
have passed through this home since 1996. For a good grasp of the work involved
in running an ADV shelter, read the "Our Story" page.

A no kill shelter promoting the care and welfare of ferrets. Site includes numerous
links for ferret owners, prospective ferret owners, vets, and pet store personnel.