Angel's Page (9/99)
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Here's our first picture of Angel! She's a
fiesty one! She's about 9 months old. Not
sure of her definition yet. From the shoulders
up she looks like a silver. The rest of her
markings are like a sable. She gets along
great with Pooh Bear, our Silver, but the
others aren't too sure yet.
Of course she has to find out what
this big critter is right away! She
had a badly broken leg when we got
her, so she really hasn't had much
of a chance to try out the cat.
Here's the welcome committee. This was
about 30 minutes after we got her home.
This was a short welcome, and they still
haven't had time to get aquainted. We
have to keep her very still for a month due
to her broken leg. That's easier said than
Click here to read her frightening story.
Angel unexpectedly left us for Rainbow Bridge on 5/13/05. Please keep her
memory alive by visiting her memorial page. Forever in our hearts...