Bandit's Page (7/99)
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Bandit is a 2 year old female Sable. We
thought we were going to lose her last
summer when she was diagnosed with
Adrenal Gland Disease. With the help of
resources available through ferret websites,
we were able to recognize the symptoms,
and, after surgery, she is doing better than
She is definitely the most inquisitive of the bunch!
She is more concerned about what the humans are
doing than what the other ferrets are doing. She
spends most of her time guessing what we are
going to do before we do it, and being in position
waiting for us to do it!
She has also taken on the responsibility of "toy
inventory". She knows what is or isn't in the
stash. Bandit also has the distinction of being the
best "dooker" of the group.
Bandit unexpectedly left us for Rainbow Bridge on 4/3/02. Please keep her
memory alive by visiting her memorial page. We will miss you baby...