Pooh Bear's Page (7/99)
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Pooh Bear is the "clod" of the group. Not saying
that's a fault. He's an adorable clod. Even though he's the
heaviest, he has a lumbering quickness about him.
He's our 1 year old male Silver Mitt. He can be a
pretty good "dooker" when riled.
We named him Bear because of the cub like
cry he made as a kit. We nicknamed him
"Pooh" Bear because it just sounded right.
Here we have "Pooh" Bear practicing the
ancient ferret art of "dragging". Apparently
it simulates their dragging eggs for food in
the wild, and is a heriditary thing.
Pooh Bear left us for Rainbow Bridge on 8/2/03. Please keep his
memory alive by visiting his memorial page. We miss him so much...