We found this long before we started a website. It touched us so that I
saved it. I recently came across it and would like to share it with all.
A Ferret's Prayer
by Pamela Troutman
Understand me and I will be your loving pet.
I am not a rodent, but a carnivore.
I am not a wild animal, but a companion to man, domesticated
between the time of the dog and the cat.
Feed me as a cat, but only with dry food for clean teeth.
Keep litter boxes handy, and I will learn to use them.
Take me along as a dog, but with a leash or carrier so I do not get lost.
Do not leave me outdoors, I have no wild survival instincts.
Confine or watch me like a small child, because I am curious and like
to get into things.
Discipline when needed with words and soft actions, because sudden
force causes me to defend myself.
I am a little thief, give me soft socks to steal and hide, instead of rubber
toys to chew and swallow.
Let me visit the doctor as you would any family member, for a health
check and vaccinations yearly.
Have me spayed or neutered; I have no need to reproduce to add to the
pet overpopulation.
Handle me daily, and I will be your loyal friend for many, many years.
I am fearless and friendly. I have personality. I seek companionship.
If you cannot give me that, then please pass me by.
The above text was copied, with permission, from "Friendly Ferrets".
And to anyone considering owning one of these wonderful creatures.......

They are not hamsters....they need to be released from their cages.

They are not cats....they should not be left alone to roam freely for days.

They are not dogs....and show loyalty to you regardless of your loyalty to them.

They are a wonderful combination of everything you could want in a pet.

And will be your best friend.

But....Be prepared to earn it.

They are smart enough to be litter trained...but their digestive system is very active.

Will you keep their cage and litter boxes clean?

And be understanding when they have an accident?

They love to play. Even if you own a dozen. They need your attention.

Can, and will, you make time for them?

They are very curious. Do you have the time to monitor them............

..........or the time to "ferret proof" your home?

To anyone considering owning a ferret please take the time to educate yourself on them first.
There's more to it than buying a "cute" animal with a cage, litter, and a bag of food. They are very
intelligent and maintain a high level of interaction throughout their entire lifetime. They never
outgrow the "kitten" or "puppy" stage. If you will give them your time, they will give back to you ten
fold! If you feel you can not give this much time to a pet, then please do not get a ferret. If this is the
kind of close companionship you want then check with Debbie at the link above. I'm sure she can
line you up with a fuzzie that's ready to be loved!! Or check your local animal shelter. Almost every
ferret owner's site will help you with any info you need. Just ask them!

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Star Ferrets
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