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We apologize for the inconvienience.
Due to questionable management practices on behalf of RingSurf, our webring section has been rendered
unusable. We have tirelessly kept this area well maintained for many years. In early 2007, we began
receiving spam through our Ferret Fanatics memberships, which is administered, and maintained by
RingSurf. We tried desperately for weeks to get a response from RingSurf, while deleting spammed
submissions by the hundreds. After taking drastic measures and auto forwarding copies of this spam
to the CEO (Robert Sheinbein) of the parent company, EZD Internet Marketing, our administrative
rights to the webring were disabled. We can not add, remove, or edit anything associated with our
own webring. RingSurf not only completely ignores our inquiries, but has taken drastic measures within
their own web design to mask the destruction these spammers have caused. Please note the number of
queued sites waiting for membership within their system. Now note the number of submissions waiting
in the queue. Obviously, RingSurf is supporting the hacker activity taking place within their site.
We no longer wish to have our link associated within the internet hackers paradise of RingSurf.
Again, our apologies. If you are a member of RingSurf, we ask that our link is no longer
made available with any content that includes any reference, or link, to RingSurf.

Thank you to the many, many visitors and members that have traveled through this section.