Lucky's Page (7/99)
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Lucky, our 2 year old male Albino, is the eater
of the bunch. This guy knows how to eat! He
gets his treat last, to keep him occupied while
the others eat theirs. Otherwise he's got theirs
He tends to kind of sit back and watch the
activities more than the rest. He's more of a
"watcher" than a "doer". Doesn't really
"dook" much. But...when he does get into
the action...Look out! He's a "dooking"
Lucky's kind of a slow mover in the morning.
He's usually the last one to get up. "Leave
the door open, I'll be out in a while".
Lucky left us to join Bandit at Rainbow Bridge on 7/15/02. Please keep his
memory alive by visiting his memorial page. We will miss you Lucky...