Princess Page (6/05)
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Well...ferret math has struck again. We
did not have it in our hearts to expect our
young Scooter to live out his life without a
best friend. Rascal does his best, but it's
just not the same. Meet our little Princess.
Here is our little Princess displaying
her cuteness factor. Unlike some typical
newbies, she made herself right at
home within hours, and is perfectly
comfortable in her new enviroment.
And, of course, she is 100 miles per hour
as soon as she is turned loose in her new
home. She is amazingly agile and quick on
her feet. She picked up on her new surroundings
in record time. She defintely has a personality
of her own! She really seems to have a combination
of traits from every ferret we have ever had.
Princess unexpectedly left us for Rainbow Bridge on 5/30/09. Please keep her
memory alive by visiting her memorial page. Miss you baby...