Rascal, The Cat (7/99)
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Ahhh...the cat. Not only the first adopted, but
the first pet in the home. I feared for the ferrets
at first when we brought them home. Little did I
know who I should be concerned about.
Here is Rascal sparring with one of his
toys, getting in shape for the herd to be let
Thinking of a feline as being a fierce predator
by nature, and watching the way a group of
ferrets toy with him is, at times, hilarious.
Rascal is a good natured cat, and when he is
done getting his butt kicked (mentally), it's
time for his nap. And, time for the herd to move
on to bigger and better things!
Rascal left us for Rainbow Bridge on 09/05/2013. Please keep his
memory alive by visiting his memorial page. Miss you baby...