Scooter's Page (10/03)
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After a bath and a crash course in house rules
101, he's off to explore! Of course, this is not
without an escort by the existing house security.
After losing three of our five babies, we
questioned whether we could continue on
bringing more ferrets into our lives. Factoring
in the heartbreak the remaining two must be
feeling, our decision was made. Meet
Scooter! This is our first photo of him.
It's very obvious right away that "The Dook
Ranch" has a new house comedian. As much
laughter as been heard within these walls, it's a
tough role to be assigned, but Scooter seems up
to the challenge!
Scooter unexpectedly left us for Rainbow Bridge on 2/8/08. Please keep his
memory alive by visiting his memorial page. In my heart forever...